Top 19 Hottest Pictures of Instagram’s Sexiest “Yoga Girl”

yoga girl rachel brathen

Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen is quick to point out her life isn’t as perfect as it seems. Instagram yoga sensation Rachel Brathen is, to an outsider at least, living the dream on the Caribbean island of Aruba with a handsome surfer husband, Dennis, and a super-healthy, outdoor existence.

Rachel Brathen has more than 1.6 million Instagram followers but her life hasn’t always been sun salutations at dawn on a Caribbean island.

Her Yoga Girl Instagram account shows her, bikini-clad, doing handstands on a paddleboard in the sea or running down the beach at sunset with her dog, Ringo the Gringo (he has 86,000 Instagram followers of his own).

Yet for many of her 1.5 million followers, it’s not the glamorous and aspirational lifestyle that draws them in but the breathtakingly honest messages that accompany her pictures

Check out 19 hot and amazing pictures of this beauty with perfection:

 yoga rachel brathen

Behind Rachel’s idyllic existence is, she insists, a girl with pain and insecurities, just like everyone else. As a teenager growing up in Stockholm, she agonised over her weight and fell off the rails in dramatic style. There were screaming rows with her parents, a drink driving offence, drugs, and a boyfriend who beat her up. “It could have been really bad,” she says.

At 18, her mother dispatched her on a week’s meditation course, an unusual choice, but exactly what Rachel needed. “In that week I realised there was something better out there than make-up and boys and alcohol,” she says.

For someone who shares the intimacies of her life three times a day on social media, Rachel comes across as surprisingly shy. She thinks hard before answering questions and at times her voice wavers, particularly when talking about her family.