Conor McGregor Arrives Late at News Press Conference, Diaz Leaves, Bottles are Thrown


Drama continues between UFC 202 Headliners, Conor MCgregor and Nate Diaz.

McGregor showed up about 30 minutes late Wednesday to his news conference with Diaz to promote Saturday night’s main event at T-Mobile Arena. So Diaz started without him.

“Nah I don’t care, it’s rude,” Diaz said when asked whether he was bothered by the featherweight champion’s tardiness.

When asked if Diaz thinks he exposed McGregor as a better talker than a better fighter in their first fight, Diaz said: “I think I beat him, I thought I could beat him the whole time.”

Not surprisingly, the first question for UFC President Dana White at the beginning of Wednesday’s news conference was about McGregor’s whereabouts. White quickly replied, “He’s on his way.”

He was. The crowd erupted when McGregor walked on to the stage about 30 minutes late.

“I was told half (past) one,” McGregor joked. “Vegas traffic is heavy as well this time of year. There must be a McGregor show going on because the place is tagged out.”

“Look, I’m just happy to be here and I’m ready to fight,” he said.” You know you’re going to get a fight when I’m here.”

As McGregor was answering questions, Diaz stood up and left the stage, and he and his entourage moved to leave the theater.

Diaz and McGregor and members of their groups yelled at each other and taunted one another and eventually began hurling water bottles at one other. Police and security separated the two groups and the news conference ended. White wrapped up with an apology, “Sorry guys, see you Saturday.”