All You Need to Know about Céline Dion’s Oldest Son “René-Charles Angelil”


Ever since Celin Dion’s son René-Charles Angelil appeared on Billboard Music Awards 2016, everyone wants to know more about this hot young man.

Here are some facts which we believe you would love to know about this new heart throb.

He is an IVF Baby, which means  the process of fertilization by manually combining an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish. Yes, that is correct. His birth was an In Vitro process. Celine Dion, after struggling to conceive, gave birth to René-Charles through IVF.

Ladies, do not get much excited as he is still a teen. René-Charles’ birthday is Jan. 25, 2001, which makes him 15 years old.

The sensational teen who created a buzz on twitter soon after he appeared on the BBMA’s has a nick name too. Everybody calls him “RC”, a short form of his actual name René-Charles.

He has passion for He’s No. 21 on the Nevada Storm Midget AA team and is fan of the pro team the Montreal Canadians.

His bilingual Instagram post. He could have used an online translator, but we like our original assumption better.